Bootstrap Framework 3.3.6

Over a dozen reusable components built to provide iconography, dropdowns, input groups, navigation, alerts, and much more...

By Shadow86
Parameter                               Description                                                                             Example

-account             your account registered at 	                                            -account name(at)

-port	              optional, default port is 8080. Access over http://yourServer:8080                           -port 8080

-webif-pw	      secure your webinterface with an admin password (full access)	                            -webif-pw test123

-webif-pw-user       webinterface password for users (can only control and upload files, no access to settings)    -webif-pw-user user123

-noquery	      Start the TS3MusicBot without server query                                                    -noquery

-webif-bind-ip	      With this option you can bind the webinterface to a specific ip in your network.              -webif-bind-ip

-bind-ip             with this command the traffic gets bound to an specific ip.                                   -bind-ip

-max-disk-space      Set the maximum allowed amount of disk space in megabyte for music+radio folder	            -max-disk-space 2560

-number 1,2 or 3     usefull for Privatelicense only (if you have problems with mixing up use this command)        -number 1

-secretkey            Usually for hosters. If you start the bot with a secret key from your account panel           -secretkey 123456789abc
                      the license get automatically extended day by day 
                      (if enough money is charged in your account balance)	

-disable-ytdl	      This flag disables the "youtube to mp3" functionality                                         -disable-ytdl
                      (if the conversation needs too much cpu, use this parameter)

-beta                if you want to test our pre-version                                                          -beta
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