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By bobby21900
I have just bought a license and installed the bot, but when it starts up, I can't connect to the web interface. I have tried setting IP to and connecting from the same computer, but it still won't work. I also tried a different computer and got the same result. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!
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By Crypto90
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Try to set the public ip from your ts server to the target server of your license.
The license system does prevent local addresses like

If you mean for the webinterface address, please tell us first which version you use, windows or Linux? Home pc? Server? Or container?
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By Crypto90
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The bots webinterface binds to all network interfaces, which means you should be able to open the webinterface with your local, lan or wan (public) ip. Last one if you have the correct port forwarding/firewall rules configured.
By bobby21900
I tried public IP, LAN IP, and letting it bind to all IPs, and none of them would load the web interface. If the license is tied to IP, that could have been a problem, since this server is firewalled and I was accessing it over a VPN. But when setting bind all addresses, not even would connect.
I DID however end up fixing this problem by running the bot in Docker, which I hadn't noticed was an option. I used Apache as a reverse proxy for this purpose. So thank you anyways!

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