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By LeiAdair
When playing from youtube via !yt the beginning and end of the music is cut off. This does not happen with local music. This has been happening since I installed the bot today. It also happens every time I play a youtube link, regardless of what the link is.

Operating System:
Ubuntu 22.04 amd64

Hardware Specs:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor
Memory: 16GB
Memory available (via /proc/meminfo): 14683900kb
CPU available (via iostat): 99.60
2x ST14000NM001G in RAID 1 configuration (/srv)
GPU (via lspci): NVIDIA Corporation GK208B [GeForce GT 720] (rev a1) (headless mode)

I haven't tried anything to fix the issue as I am not sure what to do.
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By Crypto90
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How much is cut off? A few seconds?
This could be our general set buffer for youtube playbacks, because if I remember right, local files have no buffering set.

I will do some tests to find out.
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By Crypto90
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I think its caused by a buffer we are using in the client plugin.
But this should also affect on local uploaded music (in the music folder).

I will check to reduce the buffer and do some tests for stability. A smaller buffer should avoid this cut off.
Once I verified its stability, I will add it to the next update.

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