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By Pricelss
what am i doing wrong? the Server address is correct. and i have implimented the server password on the Bots dashboard. how do i get it to connect? :x
By Pricelss
so i found it was the bot not having access to the serverquery login and that has been fixed but now when i go to save the settings it just sits there and loads and loads and loads and loads and does nothing.
By Pricelss
have done so still wont connect and just loads and laods on the webinterface
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By Crypto90
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Join our live support on our site or look into our support ts3 if we are available. If so, we will look on your issue in more detail.
Becaue of our time zones, it could be that you need to check our support several times, if we are available.

We also add your license time back which could not be used because of your issue.
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By philippe
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Since this topic is not further answered, I assume that it now functioned and close this topic.
If there are any more questions, please create a new thread.

Best regards
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