TS3MusicBot is Discord compatible!
Hi, i have a big problem, i can't connect my discord music bot.

The bot is actually present on my discord server :


Serversstatus / Botstatus and Client is green :


But in Panel, Client was RED :


I can't move my bot in any vocal channel...

Thanks for your help :)

Best Regards,

Make sure your discord server is set up correctly so the bot has the rights to join the first (default) voice channel.

The client is present, so thats a good sign. If its not present in the voice channel, then you have a permission issue and the bot can‘t join the default voice channel.

You should have a discord client log with an error/exception because the client could not join the default voice channel.
There is the Discord Logs :

time="2017-11-04T17:16:21Z" level=info msg="Starting discord session..."
time="2017-11-04T17:16:21Z" level=info msg="TS3MusicBot is ready to play."
time="2017-11-04T17:16:21Z" level=info msg="Recieved READY payload"
2017/11/04 17:16:21 [DG0] wsapi.go:446:onEvent() error unmarshalling GUILD_CREATE event, json: cannot unmarshal number into Go value of type string
time="2017-11-04T17:16:24Z" level=info msg="Fetching voice channels..."
HTTP 400 Bad Request, {"avatar": ["You are changing your avatar too fast. Try again later."]}

The bot have "Administrator right"


When i stopped the musicbot, it won't leave the discord, all the times it was connected.

I have created a specific right for it with full right.

I restart it and i have the same error :

Code: Select all2017-11-04 17:26:59   START_MOD   TS3MusicBot "TS3MusicBot" starts now
2017-11-04 17:27:00   START_INFO   =============================================================
2017-11-04 17:27:00   START_INFO   Discord mode enabled
2017-11-04 17:27:00   START_INFO   =============================================================
2017-11-04 17:27:00   START_INFO   Invite link: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?&client_id=MYCLIENTID&scope=bot&permissions=0
2017-11-04 17:27:00   START_INFO   =============================================================
2017-11-04 17:27:12   START_ERROR   Could not connect to a discord server. Make sure you used the invite link to invite your TS3MusicBot to your discord server.