TS3MusicBot is Discord compatible!
By spicy
How can other people get on to the web interface?
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By Crypto90
Give them the webinterface address and the user password.
You as the admin can configure (with the admin password) the user permissions in the Settings -> user permissions.

The admin password is for you.
The user password is for your friends.
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By Crypto90
sure its possible, the bot has the same webinterface on windows as on linux.
If you can't access the webinterface over the extenal address, use the LAN IP address shown in the launcher.
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By Crypto90
If you want other people to have access, you need to open the TCP Port of the webinterface in your router / firewall. The default one on the native windows version is 8081 for the first bot.
By cloudstrife465
and am i able to purchase more then one private license because im a gaming community and my members each want a bot
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By Crypto90
You can run 3 bots with one private license. Those 3 bots are bound to the current set target geamspeak ip.

If you need more bots or more for a second teamspeak server, you can simply create a second account with a new email at ts3musicbot.net and get a second private license to serve 3 more bots = 6.

8082 is the next tcp port by default (id you don‘t change them) yes exactly.