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[BETA] TS3MusicBot SoundStream

Posted: Sun May 06, 2018 6:17 pm
by Crypto90
With TS3MusicBot version (06.05.2018) we intorduce TS3MusicBot SoundStream!

Its an additional tool for TS3MusicBot which streams all the sound from your pc to a running TS3MusicBot in your teamspeak or discord server.
With TS3MusicBot SoundStream you are able to stream any kind of player and media which runs on your windows computer.

Known bugs:
- Stream to ip:port works, domains currently do not work. Will get fixed in the next SoundStream EXE update. -fixed in v1.0.1
- Just plays 1 second with the native windows version (we need to update the native windows version for it).-- fixed
- You need to set your windows sound device you would like to stream to: 16bit and 48000Hz (we work on a better solution which works with all settings), otherwise the sound does glitch, slows down or plays faster (bad quality).
windows_audio_device_settings.jpg (282.15 KiB) Viewed 746 times

Feel free to test it out, its currently available on the BETA version of TS3MusicBot (to activate BETA MODE start your TS3MusicBot with the -beta argument).
Its a free additional tool for everyone to use in combination with a TS3MusicBot.

Tell us your thoughts, ideas, feature requests or bugs here in this topic (german or english).