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Running TS3MusicBot with SSL/HTTPS:

Server requirements to create a keystore certificate:
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apt-get install certbot openssl openjdk-8-jre (or newer, the version you already running your bot/s with is working)
TCP port 80 has to be free and open for the time running this script. You may need to stop apache2/nginx/httpd for a moment, if port 80 is in use.

Run this script in any folder of your system, best outside of your TS3MusicBot folder(s). In this example we use /etc/TS3MusicBot/:
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mkdir /etc/TS3MusicBot
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cd /etc/TS3MusicBot
Use this script to automate the keystore creation process:
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wget -O && chmod +x

Usage (3 different options):

1. Create a new certificate with certbot from letsencrypt and generate the keystore file:
./ your_domain set_a_keystore_password_here

The letsencrypt certificate is valid for 90 days, till it expires.

2. To renew your existing certbot/letsencrypt certificate run:
./ your_domain set_a_keystore_password_here renew

3. Create the keystore file from an existing certificate you own:
./ /path/to/your/existing/certificate/fullchain.pem set_a_keystore_password_here

Add a cronjob to periodically rerun the "renew" command (only for a certbot/letsencrypt created certificate):
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crontab -e
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0 */12 * * * /etc/TS3MusicBot/ your_domain set_a_keystore_password_here renew

Then start your bots with the additional arguments:
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-secure /etc/TS3MusicBot/TS3MusicBot_secured.jks -secure-pw set_a_keystore_password_here

which will run the bot webinterface with the following url (eg. if you set -port 8080):


All bots running on the same system can use the same keystore TS3MusicBot_secured.jks file!

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The manual way:
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