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By Shadow86
Be sure you have a Valid license on (Private License - red Arrow) and entered an ipadress.
If that is done, then go to How to install (green Arrow)
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Next, you download the Windows version from the Website.
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If you have download the file, place them on your desktop.

Then open the .rar file with WinRAR

Unzip the folder to your desktop
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Now open the folder and start the TS3MusicBot.exe

This opens the TS3BotLauncher. Enter your license / e-mail address and set a password for Admin and User. Then choose if the bot should run in Query mode or not.

When the bot should run in Query mode, you must add the IP address of the server or PC where the TS3MusicBot is running on to the query_ip_whitelist.txt in your Teamspeakserver folder.
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Then click Start

Now your bot is starting. At first it appears the logo.
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After that the VM is starting
If the bot is started successfully, this information is displayed

Close the MusicBot
If you want to close your bot, click on the "X" in the window.
Then select "Send the shutdown signal" and click "OK"
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Once the exit banner is gone, the bot is stopped and you can start it again.
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Starting Multiple MusicBots
If you want to start multiple MusicBots, please select the other 2 bots in the launcher and then click on Start again
Once all 3 bots are launched, it displayed in the VM
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You can not start a VM on a Windows V server (vps)!
By Shadow86
If you get a kernel error message like this:
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Please click then on "Cleanup old Drivers"
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Then you get this message
VBox12.png (12.15 KiB) Viewed 7969 times
Click OK and then restart your PC.
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