TS3MusicBot is Discord compatible!
By Shadow86
First thank you that you like our bot and you want to offer our TS3MusicBot.

In this Tutorial you will get some information about some small important things you first have to do before you can become a reseller.

First of all, we have developed a pricing model with included Discount, you can find it on http://www.TS3MusicBot.net under commercial license.

If you offer our bot, you are welcome to create a thread in our forums: Hoster List

Create an Account

First, you create an account on ts3musicbot.net . Register

Secret Hoster Key

Generate a Secret Hoster KEY under Hoster-API

Account Balance

Charge your account balance under Commercial License ( minimum 10 Euros )

Chose your Hosting Method

There are now two ways to become a reseller:

You can choose a Hosting Module [Currently TekBase from Teklab, myscp and whmcs (only with addon)]
If you have your own separate web interface, you can use our API on http://www.TS3MusicBot.net (Hoster-API)
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