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By Shadow86
When you have created a server query login from this tutorial: [LINUX/WINDOWS]CREATE SERVERQUERY LOGIN then you can follow now this instruction:

Click on "Settings" -> "Teamspeak Server Settings".
Querylogin-eintragen01(en).png (115.09 KiB) Viewed 29032 times
Now you can enter the data.

In Query Port give the TeamSpeak Query port in, if you do not know which port it is, please ask your provider for this.

In "Query Login" and "Query password" please type the query user name and password what you have created by yourself on this tutorial:[LINUX/WINDOWS]CREATE SERVERQUERY LOGIN

If you sure all things are right press on "Save all settings"
Querylogin-eintragen02(en).png (147.01 KiB) Viewed 29032 times
Now the Query and the Client should connect to your Teamspeak and your done.
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