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By Radziu
I used ts3music before but it was hosted on the same VPS server as ts3 server was installed which caused some stability problems. Now we are using Teamspeak3 server bought from another company and we wanted to use there TS3musicbot as well, but since we dont have any dedicated machine that runs 24/7 (sadly, bot dont work on raspberry pi 2 because of ARM cpu) we bought ts3musicbot service from verygames company. And there is when our problems started - the bot itself is awfully limited and we dont have any access to settings or advanced options in the bot's webinterface. We already issued a ticket about that, because now we cannot change any permissions, chat message options or even set up what identity is bot's admin so all the chat commands dont work, not even mentioning the ability to change the bot's name.
In the meanwhile I'd like to ask what would be the best option for us (we gonna demand full refund if they answer "no. F-you" to our ticket) if we want to get own ts3musicbot that would be actually customizable and not limited in any way.
What hosting company can you recommend in that case? Or all the ts3musicbots hosted by another companies are limited like that and offer only 1/4 of the bot's features? If yes - what vps/dedicated machine we should get and where, again what do you recommend?
By Shadow86
All Hosted TS3MusicBots are not limited in the way of getting acces to the settings tab.

I think the only fault you did is, that you used the wrong Password for the Webinterface (like everywhere the same there is an Admin and User Password)

If later the advanced tab is missing, think about it that there is an option for noquery or query mode ;-)


By Radziu
Okay. Topic deserved to be closed. It turned out I'm retarded. I set up the admin password as login and user password as a password (out of habit). Now I can see settings

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